Photograph: Atul Loke, © Legatum Limited 2018

Jaipur’s Story of Impact

What happened?

Why does it matter?

June 2020

CLFJ partners meet with senior labour officials and the Rajasthan Labour Secretary who shared his commitment to fight child labour, and re-constituted the National Child Labour Project state-level monitoring committee, including CLFJ members.

Government’s commitment to fighting child labour is essential to ensure sustained success on the issue.

April 2020

CLFJ partners distributed food kits to 11,960 individuals in target neighbourhoods and produced 60,000 masks for free distribution, as part of emergency response work.

Providing essential supplies reduces vulnerabilities and allows communities to thrive.

January 2020

Under CLFJ, 598 rescued children have been returned home to Bihar, with 40 field workers conducting continuous follow-up.

When children enroll in school and their families receive government benefits, they are less likely to be re-trafficked. Less than 1.6% of CLFJ monitored children are re-trafficked.

January 2020

A digital documentation database is being set up through the Rajasthan Dept. for Child Rights.

Institutionalising a documentation system provides lasting protection to trafficked children.

December 2019

A state-wide Order is issued requiring schools to display the names of their Management Committee members.

Knowing who is accountable will improve education quality and strengthen the voice of the school community and parents.

November 2019

Rajasthan High Court orders that rescued children provide their court testimony before returning to their home state.

Once fully enforced, this will eliminate the need to bring children back from Bihar to testify, increasing the chances they provide accurate testimony, without the risk of influence of their trafficker.

November 2019

1,200 women trained in financial literacy and child labour prevention and 800 trained in  handicraft skills.

The trainings will allow women to run their own production units and stop relying on exploitative middlemen.

September 2019

A CLFJ consultation provides 86% of the judges hearing child labour cases a forum for discussion on the issue.

Consultations and practical hands-on training with stakeholders has led to major changes in implementing policies.

August 2019

First conviction against a trafficker in Jaipur (with life imprisonment). It has been reported as the FIRST EVER CHILD LABOUR CONVICTION IN INDIA using the Penal Code provision against Trafficking of a Minor.

This landmark case sets a precedent that the Jaipur courts will not let traffickers act with impunity. Momentum is building, with multiple convictions following this one.

July 2019

Local union in a community with many handicraft workshops publicly commits to not using child labour.

When communities change deep-rooted mindsets and build resistance, child labour will not be able to thrive.

May 2019

CLFJ community outreach educates neighbourhood residents with school presentations, street plays, and posters.

Targeted communities now understand why children should be in school and not working.

February 2019

Rajasthan Dept. for Child Rights directs that every child in shelters should have individual care plans.

Counseling for children is essential for their care and recovery, and leads to accurate court testimony against traffickers.

January 2019

Public awareness campaign is rolled out with bus shelters  and billboards all around Jaipur.

Thousands in Jaipur city are made aware of the issue and what they can do to help.

January 2019

First group of rescued children that return home to Bihar with ALL of their necessary legal documents to access benefits.

When children return with all of their documents, their families can apply for government benefits. Even a few such benefits economically stabilize vulnerable families.

January 2019

CLFJ covered widely by media outlets at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

CLFJ’s work becomes visible on national and international platforms.

January 2019

CLFJ publicly launched by Jaipur District Magistrate and business leaders.

CLFJ partnered with government from the start – without their leadership, sustainable change is impossible.

December 2018

First agreement signed with an international business to produce certified child labour free products. Many more agreements have since followed.

Certification allows international businesses to ensure their entire supply chains are monitored for child labour.

June 2018

Key Jaipur business leaders join the CLFJ Business Advisory Council.

Local leaders are pioneering a new approach to doing business.

June 2018

CLFJ starts building a network of Jaipur partners from government, business and civil society.

A multi-sector, collaborative approach is the only way to address the complex issue of child labour.