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CLFJ works with Rajasthan Dept. of Labour and Dept. of Police to design and distribute 7,000 child labour awareness posters across Rajasthan

Date: 15 Oct 2020

Posters were distributed and pasted by local police thanas in all 33 districts of Rajasthan, with a concentration in target neighbourhoods within Jaipur. 

CLFJ team member, Ravi Prakash, is featured on podcast about child rights.

Date: 02 Jul 2020

Ravi Prakash talks on The Rights Track podcast about “Creating Stronger Places for Child Rights.” For Podcast link click here.

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GoodWeave workers distributing food during COVID-19 response efforts

Date: 10 Jun 2020

GoodWeave distributes food packets to hundreds of people as part of CLFJ emergency relief efforts.

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118 rescued child labourers returning to their villages in Bihar

Date: 25 May 2020

The Jaipur Child Welfare Committee, Rajasthan Dept. of Child Rights and Bihar authorities working together in a coordinated effort to get children back to their families.

CLFJ and Praxis co-sponsor a webinar bringing child labourer voices from the field

Date: 22 May 2020

This webinar featured the voices of former child labourers and their families talking about the challenges of COVID-19, with child rights experts weighing in on the issue.

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Pardishita, LEDS and Praxis start food distribution efforts as part of COVID-19 emergency relief

Date: 13 May 2020

Approximately 1300 people were provided food aid through Round 1 of CLFJ emergency relief efforts, with many more to be assisted in Round 2.

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Access and SEWA Bharat self-help group women making masks

Date: 31 Mar 2020

Tens of thousands of masks were made for free distribution in Jaipur neighbourhoods, as part of COVID-19 emergency relief work.

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Women in Eidgah and Bhatta Basti production centres

Date: 18 Mar 2020

Women complete an order for bathroom slippers while a skills assessment is being conducted.

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Training of Anti-Human trafficking units, investigation officers and Child Welfare Police Officers

Date: 02 Mar 2020

A closed group police training in North Jaipur to support the strengthening of FIR content in child labour cases.

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Lacquer artisan women obtaining artisan cards, to access benefits through government schemes

Date: 19 Feb 2020

CLFJ partner SEWA Bharat organizes an event where Deputy Director and Assistant Director from the District Industries Centre at the Rajasthan Dept. of Industries visit community women in the Bhatta Basti neighbourhood to explain government schemes and facilitate support for bank loans.

Establishing a panel of 10 counsellors to support rescued children

Date: 09 Jan 2020

These counsellors will be on-call and ready to provide on-site trauma counselling right after children are rescued and taken to the child-friendly room at the police station, as well as support longer-term counselling needs.

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125 children return home to Bihar

Date: 08 Jan 2020

CWC members and Assistant Director General of Police Ravi Prakash (AHTU) were present. All the children completed their court statements and obtained their documentation to share with Bihar officials, before departing.

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Artisan card camp

Date: 27 Dec 2019

CLFJ partner SEWA Bharat assists neighbourhood women with applying for government-issued artisan cards, to support their businesses.

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Principal Secretary Raj. Dept. of Women and Child Dev. visits production centre

Date: 23 Dec 2019

Attendees also includedDept. of Women and Child Development Ms.Preeti Mathur, Director, and Mr.Kailash Sharma, Asst. Director.

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CLFJ partners meeting

Date: 18 Dec 2019

CLFJ partners come together to share their successes and challenges, exchange information, and strengthen collaboration across all CLFJ program components.

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CLFJ partners with Labour Dept. and UNICEF in child labour free awareness campaign

Date: 10 Dec 2019

Inaugurated by the Labour Minister Mr. Tikka Ram ji.

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Child-friendly room at Shastri Nagar police station inaugurated by Commissioner of Police

Date: 10 Dec 2019

A safe and welcoming place for children to be brought right after rescue. An important interim step to a longer term plan to not have to take children to police stations at all after rescue.

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GoodWeave event launching social media campaign #isyourproductchildlabourfree

Date: 10 Dec 2019

GoodWeave India embarks on a multi-pronged campaign to raise awareness about child labour free products.

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GoodWeave debate competition Grand Finale

Date: 06 Dec 2019

Student named Priyansh won the first prize from Maheshwari Public School.

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CLFJ engaging with School Management Committee members in North Jaipur district schools

Date: 27 Nov 2019

40 members fromNorth Jaipur District schools were there for sensitization regarding child labourers.

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CLFJ staff field visit to Samistipur, Bihar to visit reintegrated children

Date: 25 Nov 2019

Through a network of 40 CLFJ field workers, all child labourers rescued from Jaipur and returned to Bihar get regular support and follow-up visits to reduce the risk of re-trafficking.

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Department for Child Rights street play with CLFJ support

Date: 20 Nov 2019

This street play educates the audience about the plight of child labourers and why they should be in school and not work. It was performed in more than 120 neighbourhoods in Jaipur.

Visiting the new Child Welfare Committee in Gaya, Bihar

Date: 20 Nov 2019

CLFJ staff work closely with the Bihar government to support their follow-up with rescued children returned home.

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GoodWeave intraschool debate competition on “Is your product child labour free”?

Date: 14 Nov 2019

Part of GoodWeave India’s initiatives to raise awareness about child labour is by engaging children in schools.

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CLFJ partner Centre for Child Protection training for labour inspectors

Date: 21 Sep 2019

With the support of the Rajasthan Dept. of Labour, CLFJ trains labour inspectors on their roles and responsibilities in relation to workshops with child labour.

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CLFJ partner, Centre for Child Protection (CCP) consultation with 44 senior Jaipur judges

Date: 01 Sep 2019

86% of judges hearing child labour cases attended the consultation and discussed ideas on how to make prosecuting child traffickers a top priority.

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GoodWeave booth at the FORHEX Fair

Date: 20 Aug 2019

The head of the largest export association in Jaipur, and organiser of this fair, is a strong supporter of CLFJ.

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Visiting a child labour free production centre

Date: 13 Aug 2019

As of January 2020, over 700 worksites were being monitored by GoodWeave to ensure child labour free production.

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SEWA Bharat awareness camp in Bhatta Basti neighbourhood for 300 women and children

Date: 31 Jul 2019

Special Guest: Mr. Abdul Razzak Bhati, State President, All India Unorganised Workers Congress of Rajasthan State Congress Committee.

80 children (58 rescued child labourers) board train to return home to Bihar

Date: 22 Jul 2019

These children were excited to finally be heading home.

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Centre for Child Protection (CCP) training for Anti-human trafficking police officers in Bihar

Date: 16 Jul 2019

Police, as first responders, need important sensitisation training on the plight of trafficked children and the threats they face by their traffickers when they return home to Bihar.

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Jaipur exporters visiting CLFJ partner production centres.

Date: 09 Jul 2019

Visitors were Mr. Rahul Duggal and Ms. Simran Duggal from Aravali exports, Mr.Vishal Choudhury from Parampara, and Ms. Ketaki Joshi and Ms. Shweta from Rangotri.

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Justice Sandeep Mehta, Chairperson of the Juvenile Justice Committee visits CLFJ partner Taabar shelter home

Date: 24 Jun 2019

Justice Sandeep Mehta and UNICEF representative interacted with rescued child labourersto understand the severity of the issue. He assured he would take proper action against employers.

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CLFJ participates in child labour free signature campaign at Rajasthan Chief Minister’s house

Date: 12 Jun 2019

The Rajasthan government has made a strong commitment, at the highest levels, to combatting the issue of child labour.

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CLFJ team speaks at Rajasthan CSR Summit

Date: 04 Jun 2019

Raising awareness about CLFJ and the drive to change business systems, among key business stakeholders.

Handing over all documentation in Bihar, for 132 children

Date: 16 May 2019

Documentation will be entered into the Bihar Child Labour Tracking system

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Visit by British Asian Trust CEO Richard Hawkes

Date: 10 May 2019

British Asian Trust is a strong collaborator and supporter of CLFJ and provides strategic direction to the program.

132 children repatriated to Patna, Bihar

Date: 10 May 2019

With CLFJ support, all 132 children went back with the necessary documentation to apply for government benefits

GoodWeave workshop on “children at risk”

Date: 25 Apr 2019

GoodWeave does a lot of education and awareness raising among its licensees and within the communities where they are present.

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World-reknown cricketer, Ben Stokes, visits CLFJ

Date: 03 Apr 2019

Ben Stokes visits CLFJ partner, Taabar shelter home, and watches the CLFJ street play performed at a school, as part of the community outreach work.

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Visit by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) CEO Kate Hampton

Date: 27 Mar 2019

Without the substantial support of CIFF, the successes of CLFJ would not have been possible.

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Center for Child Protection (CCP) training of railway and child welfare police

Date: 14 Mar 2019

CCP training of railway police officers, child welfare police, and child care institutions, in coordination with Dept. for Child Rights to discuss better rescues, prosecutions and care of children

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Cindy McCain, wife of late U.S. Senator and presidential nominee John McCain, visits CLFJ

Date: 13 Mar 2019

The McCain Institute in the United States has a strong focus on human trafficking.

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LEDS holds school enrollment camp

Date: 23 Feb 2019

LEDS holding Right to Information Act camps for children in Bhatta Basti neighbourhood to get free admission in private school

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Jaipur Literature Festival

Date: 27 Jan 2019

CLFJ sponsored a panel of child rights experts at the 2019 Jaipur Literature Festival, which was covered widely in the media.

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Send off of 138 rescued child labourers back to their home

Date: 23 Jan 2019

CLFJ NGO partners and Child Welfare Committee members speak with Collector and District Magistrate, Jaipur Mr. Jagroop Singh Yadav at the Jaipur Railway Station, at the send off of 138 rescued child labourers back to their home state of Bihar.

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CLFJ public launch event

Date: 18 Jan 2019

CLFJ had its public launch event, with the Jaipur District Magistrate as the Chief Guest, and a strong showing from the Rajasthan government and Jaipur business leaders.

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Inauguration of the CLFJ mobile van

Date: 18 Jan 2019

Official inauguration of the CLFJ mobile van by Additional Labour Commissioner Mr. C.B.S. Rathore. CLFJ public launch event.

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Press event about CLFJ public launch.

Date: 17 Jan 2019

Press event about CLFJ public launch, during which two former child labourers shared their perspective.

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CLFJ billboards and signs in Jaipur

Date: 15 Jan 2019

CLFJ signage canvassing the city on bus shelters, billboards and airport signs.

Meeting the New CM of Rajasthan

Date: 12 Jan 2019

Dr. Varsha Joshi from Childline and CLFJ partners meet with the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan to share information about the Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative. From Childline and CLFJ partners


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Training of Anti-Human Trafficking Unit police officers

Date: 15 Dec 2018

CLFJ partner provides hands-on, practical training to support police officers to write thorough “first information reports,” a critical piece of documentation needed to build a strong case against the traffickers.

Release of business supply chains research

Date: 01 Nov 2018

Meeting of government officials, business champions of Child Labour Free Jaipur partners and researchers to discuss the findings of the recently released report on Business Supply Chains research in Jaipur.

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Jaipur and Bihar Child Welfare Committees meet to collaborate

Date: 01 Oct 2018

The Child Welfare Committees of Rajasthan and 11 districts in Bihar hold up the outcomes from their meeting where they collectively came up with solutions and signed declarations of commitment to operationalize the solutions.

Jaipur Child Welfare Committee visit to Bihar

Date: 01 Oct 2018

Members of the Child Welfare Committee in Jaipur travel to Bihar to visit a village in Gaya district, to better understand the source areas where are children are trafficked from.

Re-activating the District Child Labour Task Force

Date: 01 Sep 2018

Jaipur district level officials meeting to discuss the child labour task force and increasing rescues of children trafficked to workshops in Jaipur.

NGO partner LEDS organized 300 person community meeting

Date: 01 Sep 2018

300 people attending a community meeting organized by Initiative partner LEDS, at Madina Masjid, in the Shastri Nagar neighbourhood of Jaipur.

NGO partner LEDS hosted Independence Day celebration in Bhatti Basti neighbourhood

Date: 01 Aug 2018

Initiative partner, Labour Education and Development Society (LEDS), facilitated an Independence Day celebration in the Bhatti Basti neighbourhood of Jaipur.